Pre-Operative Instructions for Your Animals

When you bring your animal to us for surgery, there are a few things that are very important to remember:

  • If you are planning to bring your animal in on the day of surgery, please remember to keep your furry friend fasting as of midnight. Water is permitted, but your pet must not eat. That being said, if your animal is under 6 months old, please feed it half a meal early in the morning (unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian).
  • If you are planning to drop off your pet the night before surgery, please feed it as you normally would (unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian).
  • When you drop off your pets, all home care instructions will be explained to you. Should these instructions depend on the outcome of the surgery, these instructions will be explained to you at the time of pick-up.
  • Please feel free to bring some of your own pet food with you, as we will be feeding your pet a small meal when he or she wakes up from surgery.
  • Once the surgery is complete and your animal has started to wake up, we will call you with news. At this time, we will let you know when would be an appropriate time to pick-up you pet. Please make sure we have all the right information on file for you!

Need more precision? Don't hesitate to contact Clinique Vétérinaire Dr. Suzanne Marcil's team in Howick.


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