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Arthritis Treatment

Just like people, pets can develop arthritis as they age. Our animal health team can help you prevent and treat this condition.

What are the main causes of arthritis in pets?

Many factors can contribute to a pet developing arthritis. These include genetics, excess weight, poor diet and “stop and go” type sports, which are hard on the joints.

What are the signs of arthritis in cats and dogs?

Since arthritis is a condition that affects the joints, the signs are primarily physical. For example, an animal with arthritis may have difficulty climbing stairs or getting onto the couch. If your pet is suddenly uninterested in playing, walking and running, that can be another sign.

What’s the treatment for pets with arthritis?

Unfortunately, arthritis will ever go away completely, which is why prevention is key.

Rest assured, however, that even though there is no cure for arthritis, there are treatment options that will slow its progression and alleviate the symptoms. Treatment includes therapeutic joint diets, supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and acupuncture.