A Charming Veterinary Clinic

“Lupo,” Dr. Marcil’s faithful companion, is a long haired German Shepherd dog. Lupo comes to work every day with Dr. Marcil and enjoys visiting with clients and patients alike. He usually can be found on the couch in the treatment room waiting for his next assignment. He loves playing with children, and is willing to share his toys. The staff always knows what treatment area Dr. Marcil is working in, as he sits in front of the door faithfully waiting for her to come out to get a warm pat or hug. He has become a valued part of our team at Clinique Vétérinaire Dr. Suzanne Marcil in Howick.

Homage to Karma

2002 – 2008

Karma was Dr. Marcil’s Irish Wolfhound — her constant companion, lovingly referred to as her “shadow.”

Karma is greatly missed. She was charcoal grey and resembled an enormous Jim Henson Muppet. While Karma could usually be found reclining in Dr. Marcil’s office, you may have caught a glimpse of her patrolling the hallways around lunch time or near the end of the day. Karma had a calm, gentle, and affectionate manner and was loved by all. On occasion, she would save lives by donating blood, and she was known to comfort sick dogs by keeping them company.

Thank you, Karma. We will never forget you.