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Janica Leveille

Janica chose the veterinary field because she enjoys the daily thrill of never knowing what to expect and always being kept on her toes. Being around dogs and cats every day doesn't hurt either! She is most interested in general care and loves meeting hundreds of new people every day while seeing how different one animal is from the next. Janica graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Linguistics. She has four cats with ridiculous names and enjoys drawing and painting animal portraits. Her cats are Queen Simba the Ist, Hamburger Patty, Puma "PumPum" Chan, and Princess Euphemia vi Brittania! They are all domestic shorthairs except Simba, who is long-haired.
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Judy Lang

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Colleen Haggerty

A caring, understanding, and a loving health provider. Highly recommended.


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